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Acta Sancti Oscar

Sharp Words are spoken and a Crisis ensues

Radio Pyongyang
25 October 1986
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I ain't pretty, but I take my time.
academese, anarcho-gangster, anarcho-punk, aotearoa, azerbaijan, being made uncomfortable, busterismology, choking insolent fools, cobblestone barricades, commie funk, committing lèse majesté, dirty mac, don lope de aguirre, drum n' noise, flame wars, gospel, goth jazz, gutterpunk, high on fire, hip hop, hunter s. thompson, illegal mp3s, japanoise, leila khalid: hijacker, li t'ai-po, liberal guilt, lj drama, make wealth history, marxism, matching black supremicists, music and politics, noctambulism, noise, pam the funkstress, passing the turing test, pastor troy, philosophy, political philosophy, politics, praxis, preemptive strikes on stuff, project justice, punk rock, radios between stations, rejected marriage proposals, riot grrls, self-hating white folks, smashing the patriarchy, the boo radleys, the hipster scouts, thomas hardy, thunderstorms, trying to be nice, uncomplicated villiany, unlv, walking, walking at night, walking through rain, wednesday addams, when you laugh, winterkälte, xinlisupreme, young-hae chang heavy industries